About UP 2003 FOOD - Sosuri Cu Gust and its products We are a sauce factory from Baia Mare, jud. Maramures.

Since 2003 – for 17 years – we focused on the packaging and production of sauces / dressings and other food liquids.
We mainly address to pizzerias, restaurants, catering and fast food, so our products are packaged in a sachet (stick) or casserole.

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Our collaborators can deliver the desired goods anywhere in Europe

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Thanks to our products you no longer need logistics, just take the sachet and deliver it

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Our product range includes:
  •  Ketchup sweet / spicy, sachets 10-20-30-40 and 50 grams –
  • White sauces  : mayonnaise , garlic sauce with mayonnaise , remoulade, garlic sauce without mayonnaise  and mustard – packed for fast-food and delivery – range from 10 to 30 grams
    Tomato sauces for pizza : sweet , spicy and extra spicy tomato sauce – packed for delivery – livrare la domiciliu – you can choose from 60-80-100 grams
  • Spicy sauces :  chilli, taco, spicy oil – pimentee
  • Salad dressings– sachets/ sticks 7 ml – balsamic vinegar , olive oil , wine vinegar  – packed for delivery
  • Salad sauce – 30 ml sachets : vinaigrette,dill sauce , cucumber sauce , tzatziki, caesar , yogurt și mediteranean – packed for salad home shipping
  • Asian food sauces  – 50 ml sachets  : soia 14ml , wasabi
Ketchup in a bucket or packed ? What’s cheaper ?

The packing mode –monodose – sealed sachet ( sticks) – it’s the practical and economical alternative for the 10 liters ketchup bucket bought from the supermarket and then shared in small doses .

Also we can pack anything for you !  ( sauces ,liquids , vinegar , oil ,disinfectant gel ) – sachets or casserole !
See here provision of services 
We can create a recipe for you and then pack it in a custom sachet !
See # HERE # what are the condition for packing and personalize your sauces and sachets .
See # HERE # why it’s cheaper to pack it in small sachets